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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Almost Another Day

I'm almost at the end of day 2 of my Diet Coke cold turkey. I've also restricted my coffee intake to no more than two cups a day (James Duigan says that's ok), and I've had no added sugar of any kind today. I'm a fricking saint!

Of course, the day isn't over yet, so I may have to go to bed immediately after tea. However, I did that last night - I was in bed, shamefully, by 8.45 - and then I was up half the night and had to read to send myself back off to sleep at 2.30 this morning. Hmm. What to do...

You may notice that I have been playing with the layout of the blog and have added some additional features. I thought it only fair to add links to the blogs that have inspired me lately (100 Healthy Days and The Unmumsy Mum). I like blogs. It's much better than reading the news; that's just depressing!

I've also added a recipe page to record my clean meals as I try them out. I'm going to try to adapt favourite recipes to make them completely clean. I've started with a Rogan Josh tonight. However, note to self: if you, somewhat foolishly, put both hot paprika and hot chilli powder in you're going to end up with a volcanic curry. Choose one, not both. Rookie error!

I've also tried to up my water intake today. I reckon I've had about three litres already and I am peeing for Britain! Hmm. A restful night isn't looking likely with my teensy weeny bladder.

The legs are still hurting, and I'm now a bit cheesed off having to miss out on exercise. I'm dying to get to Body Attack on Friday, though, and try out the new routine. 45 minutes of excessive aerobics with Kevin, the human equivalent to the Duracell bunny. Love him!

Wish me luck x

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