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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

One Day Down

I did it!! I managed an entire day without Diet Coke!!

Add to that, my entire food day yesterday was perfectly clean:
Breakfast: spinach and bacon omelette
Snack: handful of pecan nuts
Lunch: Salmon with sweet potato wedges (my new favourite food)
After school snack: rice cake with organic peanut butter (apparently that's better than Sun-Pat)
Pre-dinner snack: celery and hummus
Tea: Chicken breast and roasted veg
And I was in bed before 9.00pm!!

Oh my God! How saintly do I feel this morning??? I even managed to go to the shop and steer clear of the Diet Coke on my way to work. I also weighed myself this morning and, although it isn't quite the progress I have been hoping for, I've lost 9lbs since Christmas. I'm at the lowest weight I've been since before I got married. That was 11 years ago. (To be fair, the week I had Daniel I weighed less, but I almost nearly died so I'm guessing that doesn't count...)

I did spend most of my free time yesterday reading James Duigan's Clean and Lean Diet. It is a good read, and he offers some very interesting theories, but he is a touch evangelical regarding the 'no sugar' rule. It is almost as if sugar is the most evil and toxic substance on the planet, sent by the devil himself to keep us all fat and miserable. And it is hidden in everything!!! You can't escape it!!! I'll be honest, though, I'm going to give his diet a try. It is just clean eating, and I can still have coffee on it (granted it is supposed to be only one cup and organic at that, but my Nespresso machine is close enough in my head!). Then only drawback is the no alcohol (because it's, you guessed it, all sugar!) but I have just under two weeks until my next girly night out (ok, a week and a day) so I'm going to go alcohol free for that time, and only drink when I'm not in the house. I expect some worrying looks from my neighbours when I'm cracking open a bottle on the driveway.

And finally... I'm on Day 3 Post Leg Day, and the pain is still very much there. No amount of perfume is drowning out the sweet and heady aroma of Deep Heat, but I'm guessing it's a small price to pay for us wannabe fitness models.... (Hey! I heard that laughter!)

Wish me luck x

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