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Thursday, 26 March 2015

So why am I doing this?

My last post prompted a tweet saying that I had made them feel sad. My blog is never intended to make anyone feel sad, or feel pity for me and my circumstance. I mean, after all, I'm overweight: it didn't happen by magic, did it? I did this completely to myself.

However, this then got me to thinking, I really should explain some of the logic behind what I'm doing and why.

I'm writing this blog primarily for me. I'm not doing it to garner thousands of readers (but hey, that would be nice!) but if I can reach out to a few like-minded souls and let them know they aren't alone in how they feel, then that would be great too. No, I'm doing this mainly for the sense of accountability it will bring. I am declaring, quite publicly, that I want to lose weight, and get fir, and that I am trying very hard to do so.

There is not a diet on the planet that I haven't tried - or at least that's how it feels. (Disclaimer: this next paragraph is not meant to criticise or endorse any diet or plan out there. I am not being paid by any company to say anything positive or negative about one product or another but hey, again, that would also be nice! This is simply an account of my own personal experiences.) I've done WeightWatchers A LOT. I even 'clerked' for them for a while. I liked counting points, I was doing ok with that, and then they altered it to ProPoints and I lost my way completely. They then introduced 'Simple Start' and I got into that. And then they changed the plan again... I've been to Slimming World. Their plan sounded great - and the first time I tried it, at the tender age of 19, I lost a shit load of weight on it. Then went back to Uni. I've tried it numerous times since. I mean, what's not to love? They tell you that you eat as much as you like! Well, with me, that becomes problematic. A friend once said, 'yes, but it isn't like you'd sit and eat six whole chickens, is it?' That just sounded like a challenge to me! I went to Rosemary Conley. 1200 calories a day was depressing, but I did it. They raised my calorie intake to 1400 after the first fortnight. Unfortunately, by then I was a bit fed up and I raised my calorie intake by a whole lot more than that... Atkins: yuck! (And I love meat!) BHF: urgh (Eggs!! Cabbage!!) Low carb... No carb... Juice Plus... Herbalife... I even tried Lighter Life. I lost ten pounds in one week, but my bank balance plummeted along with it! 

Let's face it. I'm a greedy cow. I like food. I like to eat. I love wine, and gin, and cocktails. None of these things are going to help be get to skinny though, are they? I am my own biggest saboteur. I guess I'm just a gal who can't say no... to ice cream, chocolate, wine, cocktails, cake, a second helping, and moderation isn't a word I like to become familiar with.

So this time, I'm trying a new approach. Well, I say new, but it isn't really. A while back, I went to a club called the Little Black Dress Club run by Apprentice candidate Katie Bulmer-Cooke. In six weeks I ate perfectly clean, and I lost a dress size and felt amazing. And then the club ended, and eventually, I put everything back on, and went back to bouncing (literally) from one diet club to another again. I did realise, however, that the principles that Katie suggested work. Eat clean and exercise. Now, I've just about got the exercise thing to where I'm happy with it, and I go to the gym more than any other place. And I am happy with that. Really. No, honestly, I am.

I also read in 'Women's Health' magazine (yes, get me, a fitness magazine!!) an article called 'Can you blog your way to slim?' It was a short article focusing on a girl who attempted in 100 days to get healthy and to get to a weight she was happy with. I've linked the blog in a previous post and you can also see it on the side of this blog. However, I've already stated that I enjoy a challenge, so that is why this blog is in front of you now. I'm going to try it. I'm going to blog as frequently as I can and record my highs and lows and see if, finally, I can actually do this. I enjoy writing, and I like the idea that people might actually enjoy reading it. (If you are reading, do me a favour and leave me a comment so I can say hi!)

I don't pretend to have all the answers. I don't know if I'll succeed. However, I do know that I'm going to give it a bloody good go! 

Oh, and one last thing... I saw this today:
Holy shit!!!! That's no time at all!

But then I also saw this, and I felt a little bit calmer:
So, who's in it with me?

Wish me luck xx

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