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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Well, that was successful....

It would appear that my attempt to blog everyday has been thwarted... before day three. It would also appear that my attempt to give up Diet Coke has been thwarted... before the end of day two (because Diet Pepsi also counts, apparently). And it would also appear that my attempt to eat completely clean has been thwarted by day three.

Ok, it was my birthday. Surely I can be let off for that???

Friday night was great - a three hour journey to Derby after work in rush hour traffic with three very excited under 10s in the back of the car meant that I had a large gin and tonic (slimline, of course) in my hand by 7.15. The hotel also offered a free glass of wine with the meal (so I had two of those - glasses, not meals!). Then the girls arrived so, of course, there was Prosecco. And it would have been rude, on skipping dessert, not to indulge in an Amaretto (or two). Foodwise, I was ok-ish. Nachos (not good) but then steak and only a very small helping of fries. And of course you got the part where I said I'd skipped dessert, didn't you???

Saturday, food-wise, was much better. I started with a cooked breakfast, but managed not to eat my own body weight in chocolate chip muffins (unlike my six year old daughter) before hitting Alton Towers. I picked at a portion of fish and chips, remembering why I detest theme park food, and then clocked up over 17000 steps throughout the day. I drank a bottle of diet coke in the car on the way home, and promptly went straight to bed with a cup of tea at 9.45. Well done me!

Sunday, unfortunately, was a different story. My personal trainer (yes, that's right!) gave me chocolate for my birthday. Rich, delicious, huge chunks of chocolate filled with roasted coffee beans that he had assembled himself (the whole thing; I mean, he's good, but he doesn't 'make' his own coffee beans!). I'm ashamed to say that I took on a whole new approach to the meal replacement diet. I ate the lot. My mother-in-law then phoned and asked me out to afternoon tea and prosecco "for your birthday". Who was I to refuse? That would have been rude. Unfortunately, the cake was mediocre at best, and the prosecco a little flat (sorry, Let There Be Crumbs in Sunderland, but it was!). I then felt incredibly guilty and decided tea would have to be completely clean - whilst finishing off the cava I had in the fridge (which was decidedly more fizzy than the stuff in the restaurant despite having been open for about five days. As an aside, if you like your fizz, invest in a Le Creuset bottle stopper for sparkling wine bottles. Possibly the best £13 I've spent in a long time! So tea was left over veg from the kids' tea and pulled pork.

My gym session with Craig (CFPT, look him up on book-face) was something else. He believes that working the legs, as they're the biggest muscle group, releases hormones that help blah... blah... blah... All I can say is that for an hour I wanted to cry and puke as I repped out weighted squats, leg extensions, leg presses, lunges, double lunges, triple lunges... It is now Tuesday and I still can't walk. I'm slathered in Arnica salve, Voltarol gel and anything else that looks remotely like Deep Heat that I can find, although I can report that nothing comes close to Deep Heat (although a hot bath with a Jameson's last night almost did!).

However, I am glad to say that, apart from a sneaky bag of Maltesers with lunch yesterday, my food was completely clean all day. Today has also started well with a bacon and spinach omelette. I'm also hoping to make it to my Tabata class tonight too, having had to cancel both classes last night due to my inability to even climb the stairs (I had a shameful moment when I had to telephone the husband on the top floor of the house as I couldn't make it up to speak him in person. It's the way forward if you ask me...)

So I'm only in slight panic mode at the moment. Summer bodies are made in the winter. Shit. It's spring.

Wish me luck x

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