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Monday, 6 April 2015

Why? Whyyyyyyyyyy????

Oh hell's bells! It was all going so well!!  Until Thursday. To say the proverbial had hit the fan would be an understatement.

Lord above. Is there a person on the planet who hasn't overindulged this weekend?  Easter has become synonymous with chocolate and lovely food, and, er, cocktails...

I was doing so well. I knew I had a night out planned on Thursday. The girls of the family were going to see Wicked, with a meal beforehand. My food intake had been pretty much perfect in that it had been clean and healthy. I succumbed to a couple of glasses of wine, and I had pasta, but generally speaking I felt that was ok. I could cope with that. I was back in the gym on Friday, and then Saturday too. Things were going well. (I even managed, with the help of my PT, to achieve a personal best on the leg press, pressing 250.7kg for five reps!) Then Sunday happened.

To start with, I knew things might get slightly out of hand when I spent three hours on Sunday morning making desserts for today's Easter lunch. I made a chocolate, chilli and cardamom tart, and candy bar pie. One would have been sufficient, I'm guessing, but no... I figured I needed to give people a choice! Add to that, my PT had messaged me in the early hours to tell me he couldn't make our session. Rather than getting my backside to the gym and working out myself, I had a lie in. Big mistake. Big. Huge!

You see, the desserts aside, the real challenge of Sunday was an afternoon and evening out with the girls. I knew in advance it was going to be food and drink carnage, and I let the damage limitation slide. I know you can't outtrain a bad diet, but I should have at least made some effort!

Because a girls' day out can mean only one thing... Booze. Lots of booze. Oh yes, and a three course meal including creamy, carb-laden risotto and then tiramisu for dessert. There was no holding back. Oh and the cocktails. Oh my word, the cocktails... We were trying out a new bar so it would have been rude not to sample its finest wares. And they were made with fruit, so one of our five a day in each one, right? Yes, of course. I'll keep kidding myself.

I'm also annoyed at myself because I purposely didn't book a PT session this morning as I thought I'd be hungover. I wasn't!  But again, I used this as an excuse to do nothing. And then I went and ate the desserts I'd made. And I drank prosecco. It's ok. I'm about to stage my own intervention...

So here I am right now, on the sofa, disgusted with myself and eating Pringles. And yes, I'm also watching The Biggest Loser. The irony is not lost on me here.

But, all is not lost. I'm now 15 days Diet Coke free. I can hear it calling me from the fridge but I'm stronger than it is! I'm drinking water because I may have had a crappy weekend, but I can do this. This girl can!!

(And it wasn't a crappy weekend really ; I have the best friends ever!)

I'm human. I mess up. I admit it, though. Tomorrow, to quote Geordie Shore, I'll be back on it like a car bonnet. (I don't get that phrase either...). I'm drinking water to try to cleanse myself as much as I can. I'm going to do this. Yes, I'll slip up every now and then, but as long as the majority of the time I'm focused on my goals, I will get there.

Why does everything that tastes so good have to be so bad for us? Suckers!!!

And if all else fails?  I'll buy shares in Spanx...

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